TAO is recruiting!

The Alphabetical Order (TAO) is a small guild of adult human folk who, against all odds, are trying to recruit for casual raiding on a progression-driven server. We currently have a half-dozen or so active members looking to raid. As a 5-man group, we've found ourselves farming mid-level Mythic+'s and Karazhan on our endless supply of alts... but with the release of Nighthold, we're growing increasingly antsy.

IDEAL SCENARIO: We manage to recruit a select few to build a stress-free, casual but progressive raiding environment for 1-3 nights of scheduled progression (days and times open to discussion pending new members!) These unknown magical entities should (A) value real life and the real friendships formed with their guildmates over loot grinds and arbitrary digital accomplishments, thus willing to raid at a not-necessarily-competitive pace, (B) possess a compatible sense of decency, involving an interest in knowledge, empathy, mindfulness, critical thinking and vocabulary skills, and (C) be willing to put up with our sometimes overbearing silliness.

MORE REALISTIC SCENARIO?: We find another smallish guild to do joint-raids, and/or bored and patient individuals who may want to pug with us on alts.

SO, LET'S HANG OUT?: Give us a shout here or in-game to get the ol' ball rolling (with apologies if we don't respond immediately or at all due to AFK fail). Better yet, hop on over to our forum: