I’ll keep updating this post as I make changes.

Notes & how-to’s:

  • NEWER! Emojis in edit pane.
  • NEW! Comment signatures are back, though it doesn’t seem to accept HTML or embedded images. Sorry.
  • NEW! The “voting” system for Waffling has yet again been replaced, this time with cookies! If you yourself are a Waffle, you can rate French Toasts in the Waffle Election Board by gifting them 1 to 5 cookies. (Yes, it would make more sense if you could vote with waffles, but it seems I can’t change the icons and obviously cookies were the best option available.) You can also vote via cookies on any other post or comment.
  • Create new Posts (previously Topics) through the Discussion dropdown, or the top admin bar “+New”. The old forum format is dead and never coming back.
  • Add images in posts and comments through the “Add Media” button on the edit screen. You may upload directly to the site, or from a URL. Your uploads will be saved in the Media Library. (If you try to upload a huge amount of large photos at once, it will time out.)
  • To embed YouTube videos, simply paste the full URL on it’s own line. Sometimes it doesn’t work and I’m not sure why. The short share links on YT might not work for this.
  • To change your avatar, see “Edit My Profile” from the top right “Howdy, [You]” dropdown. These aren’t editable or accessible after cropping, so you’ll have to re-upload to make changes.
  • Featured Images are visible in post category lists as a thumbnail, but not on the post’s page itself. I did this on purpose. If you want the same picture you’re including inside the post to be the featured image, just add it both ways.
  • Comment editing uses the HTML editor only. I assume no one will care about this.

Why did I do any of this?

The previous incarnation of this site ran on Vanilla Forums. It was simple to manage but not very versatile. I eventually migrated our forum data to WordPress, via the bbPress plugin, which I had a few issues with.. so finally I decided to transfer all of that forum data (forum > topics > replies) to WP’s default Category > Post > Comment format.

I’m still fine-tuning some stuff, so if you encounter anything that seems buggy, let me know. Chances are if you see anything change suddenly it’s me tinkering again.

Another reason I moved to WordPress was to fully integrate a future storefront for TAO-related goodies! I’ll have more store updates soon.

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  1. Izzy on December 29, 2017 at 9:41 PM:

    This is a quote.

    This is not a quote.

    This is some code.

    This is not a real comment, by the way. Just styling some things.

    Like puffs of hot air from the lips of a ghost in the shadow of a unicorn's dream.

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